Calling in sick

When people call in sick to work theyíre always under the impression that they need to exaggerate the misery in their voice. Even if theyíre genuinely sick, people instinctively like to play up their sickness so that nobody can be angry at them for skipping work. Iím telling you that this is not necessary. Weíre adults and donít need to prove to anybody that weíre really sick. Besides, nobody wants to hear how miserable you are. Whenever I call in sick, I try to be as upbeat as possible. ďHey! Howís it going, you guys? Haha, thatís great! So anyway, Iím feeling miserable! I think Iíll take the day off today. Whatís that in the background, you ask? Oh, thatís just some loud music. Yeah, Iím just sitting here listening to some gangsta rap, too sick to really go to work. Well, anyway, Iíve got to run, Iím supposed to meet some people at the gym.Ē

Another audacious thing to do is to call in drunk. ďHey Mr. Johnson, just wanted to tell you that I canít come in to work today. Oh, no, itís nothing like that. Iím just absolutely obliterated. Thought Iíd have a beer or two this morning, and the next thing I knew Iíd gone through half a case. Trust me, you wouldnít want me there today. I havenít been this plastered in years. Iím probably just going to have to stay in bed all day and wait this thing out. Oh, by the way, you wifeís really hot.Ē

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  1. This post really spoke to me. I also like to be annoyingly upbeat when calling in sick.

    Thank you for affirming my feelings on a number of important issues (including euchre, though it deserves more credit than you give it) through this blog of yours.

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