Whenever Iím really trying to achieve something, I always exert an 100% effort. Thatís my policy and I think itís pretty fair, considering 100% is by definition a maximum. But 100% isnít good enough for some people. It is frustrating to lose a game of one-on-one basketball because the moron Iím playing against gives it 110%, or lose out on a job because the other applicants are willing to put in 110%. How is exerting an 110% effort not considered cheating? Iím suspicious that it is even mathematically possible unless these people are doping.

You canít say youíll perform beyond what is humanly possible, because then numbers start to become meaningless. Thatís why itís no longer uncommon for a person to proclaim, ďHmm! On a scale of 1 to 10, these cupcakes rate a 12!Ē Sir, by the very scale you yourself provided that is not feasible. Stop living in a fantasy world and allow your appraisals of cupcakes to conform to the criteria by which theyíre being measured. Until you understand how to do that you donít even deserve a cupcake.

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