New classes & cafeteria cereal

Many of my classes are, shockingly, quite boring. Psychology 101, or, as I call it, “The Incredible Two-hour Crossword Puzzle Bonanza,” is especially so. And then you have ISS 220—I still don’t know what that’s supposed to stand for—and JRN 108, which I had a test in today. Finally, there’s calculus, but I recently dropped that class after having been voted off. I suspect that they decided to get rid of me after I didn’t help making the little island hut, but who can be sure with those conniving bastards making all sorts of crazy alliances?

After having dropped calculus, I now need to go get one extra class credit to have a full 12-credit schedule, which is needed if I’m to be an official “full-time” student. Therefore, I must go find some loophole bogus shame course where I don’t have to do anything.

Speaking of cafeteria food, many people have strong feelings about what they serve here. While I don’t mind their main meals, such as “chunks of crap,” and “crappy chunks of crap that are crappy and chunky,” the one thing that pisses me off is that, at the little cereal counter, they have Cap’N Crunch—without Crunch Berries. Now, why anyone would buy a Berry-less Cap’N Crunch at the same prices as the Cap’N Crunch with Berries is beyond me. “Oh, please, don’t give me delicious Crunch Berries at no extra cost! I could not stand all that rush of flavor—just give me plain Cap’N Crunch.” It’s like, what the hell’s wrong with you? I mean, we’re talking Crunch Berries here.

Another thing I’ve discovered is that Apple Jacks do taste like apple. All these years I’ve been avoiding them, assuming they’d not taste like what their name suggests because of what those little punks in the commercials say, when they’ve actually tasted like apples all along. Some old guy walked past me as I was eating them and was like, “You kids and your Apple Jacks. They don’t even taste like apples!” I said, “You know, it’s people like you who really piss me off. Get out of my sight.”

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