19th-century political cartoons

You know what doesn’t make any sense? Political cartoons from the late 1800’s. They’ll be, like, this drawing of a giant Uncle Sam walking over the White House, and he’ll be carrying a scale in one hand and wearing a hat that’s shaped like the Statute of Liberty, and the words “Is this progress?” will be written on his shoulder. Then the caption will be something like “Em dang carpet-baggers ‘er takin’ ov’r, sir.” They’re called “cartoons,” but who the hell thinks they’re funny? “Oh, ha, ha, ha! Them carpet-baggers are up to their old tricks! What a great cartoon.”

As an aside, I’d like to thank all those who have signed my Guestbook, including the one who called me a gangsta and wants me to state my name. As per request: “Eric Karjala.” And now if I may turn the tables around to this person with a request of my own: “State yo name, gangsta.”

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