My new jobs

They had me working parking for the game last Saturday, so I was at this intersection wearing a little “Parking” blazer and stopping anyone from trying to park in the apartment complex behind me. Basically, all I had to do was check if they had a permit on their windshield, and then let them through if they did, or send them away if they didn’t, unless they could come up with a decent excuse. Man, if I came up to myself while driving my car looking for a place to park, I’d be so damned pissed if I got sent away. “What the hell do you mean I can’t park here, you tool? Let me through.”

Additionally, I’m going to be an Usher at the Breslin Center, which is the MSU basketball arena. This is another “tool” job, where I have to kick people out of their seats if they don’t have the proper ticket. I’ve really got to stop getting these jobs where people are supposed to get pissed off at me.

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