Three Men and a Tenor

You know what I hate? When somebody, without warning, doesn’t update their little webpage for, like, a month. I went to this one website, I believe it was called “eKoojarla,” and found that it hadn’t been updated since August 7th. To be honest, that’s irresponsible, and even a little lame.

In other news, I’ve started going to “college” at Michigan State. Apparently, I’m supposed to study and go to classes, though I’ve not found out for sure if this is true. Also, I got a job working security for all the Michigan State home football games. It was a bad call on whoever hired me’s part to get me working security, because I’m not about to stop anyone from doing anything. “Uh, sir, do you think you could put that sniper rifel away, please?” “No, actually I’d rather not.” “Alright, your call. Just be careful.”

At this Michigan State pep rally thing I had to go to, there was this group singing called “The Three Men and a Tenor.” When they told us to cheer for something or other, they seemed dissatisfied with everyone’s effort. They were all, “Come on now! You people are clapping like you’re from . . . oh, I don’t know . . . Ann Arbor!” and everyone was all, “Ohhhhh!” After booing Ann Arbor, I then realized that I was from Ann Arbor, and shouted, “Hey, you suck, Three Men and a Tenor!” OK, so I didn’t shout that. But if I ever see them on the street, there going to have to change their name to “One man, a Cripple, and a Tenor With a Broken Ankle.”

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