This past week I went to Florida, which you might remember as being the state that ruined the entire country during last yearís election. Florida is also home to the fire ant: natureís asshole. These are ants that, in addition to being stupid, have also developed the ability to be extremely mean, thanks in no small part to natural selection. The human equivalent to a fire ant would be somebody who walked up to everybody they saw and just punched them right in the face. Fire ants donít care whether you pose a threat to them or not, they just want to bite you. Itís their favorite thing to do. Iím not OK with that.

According to recent studies, Florida is also really, really hot. This makes it an ideal place to go to, as you donít have the energy to do anything but go swimming all day. I much prefer this to the cold winters of Michigan, because being cold gets old real, real fast. Snowís pretty cool when youíre about seven years old and want to make a little fort, but after that you donít have the patience for any that nonsense. Thereís nothing cool about being cold.

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