College advice

Congratulations to everybody who graduated from high school this past week. Now instead of going to classes and taking tests in high school, youíll be going to classes and taking tests in college. Itís way different. To give you some hot college advice, Iíll refer to my ďBeen There, Shouldíve Done ThatĒ college tip book which I received at orientation last summer and have been keeping in pristine, unread condition. According to the authorís advice on choosing courses, you should ďsit in on a class the term before or stand outside the classroom and talk to students as they come out.Ē Actually, donít do this. Youíd probably just embarrass yourself and waste your time. Good luck!

Speaking of high school, I was reflectively looking over my senior yearbook the other day. For some reason, not only do I look like I just woke up in every picture that has ever been taking of me and put in a yearbook, I also look like Iím about to kill somebody. While it is usually true that I just woke up, Iíve never planned to kill anybody during the taking of any of these pictures. So what the hellís wrong with me? Itís like, Christ, at least you could smile for two goddamned seconds.

These days, I have a new policy of smiling for every picture that is ever taking of me from now on. Since this is a personal webpage, Iíve taken the liberty of including a new example. Also, Iím still trying to justify having spent $800 last year on a digital camcorder that I never use.

Here’s a picture of me demonstrating a zest for life. Inset: Godzilla.

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