Wrong numbers

On a weekly basis, my phone has been getting more wrong numbers than a lottery ticket. Most of these people are trying to reach their so-called friend Rodney, who cleverly changed his number without telling anybody. Sometimes I speculate that Verizon pays people to make these phone calls to sucker me out of my valuable minutes, except that some of the conversations Ive had are unusually retarded. This week I participated in the following moving piece of dialogue:

Mystery caller: Hi, ya big nipple!

Eric (just waking up): Hello?

Caller: Uh, is this Rodney?

Eric: No, man, you have the wrong number.

Caller: Im sorry bout that. Normally me and my friend Rodney have a joke about that.

Eric: Good one.

Speaking of something else, my lack of prudent updating of late has been embarrassing and rather imprudent, but surely this will be amended in the future. However, I wont be around until March 14th, so until that time there will be no updates. Bye!

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