What Are All These Dumb Things I’ve Found in My Closet

I know it’s bad when every single one of my updates starts off by saying, “Oh my God, you guys, I’m sorry I haven’t updated in so long!” and then ends by proclaiming, “I promise I’ll update again soon!”—only to have the terrible cycle continue. It’s a good thing that I have a personal webpage and not a newspaper, because I think half of the editions’ front page would include the headline: “Oh my God, you guys, I totally forgot to report on the news today! You have no idea how much homework I’ve had to do lately! I promise there will be news tomorrow!!!!!111?

In compliance with the philosophy of updating, I’ve created a new article entitled: “What Are All These Dumb Things I’ve Found in My Closet???”

I promise I’ll update again soon!

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