OK, I realize that whinny, often overly-sarcastic errant complaints make up about 98% of eKarjala, but today I have something legit to talk about: buying textbooks. Student bookstores, with a completely straight face, will tell you that the used science textbook you need to get is worth $80, which is a crazy price for a poorly-written parade of information you couldn’t care less about. But you need to buy the book for the class regardless, and have no choice but to pay their price, even though everybody knows that the only good thing about textbooks is that sometimes they include random comic strips. It’s always a joy to be studying for a test and stumble upon an out-of-place Calvin & Hobbes cartoon. After awhile, I stop studying completely and begin to frantically flip through every page looking for another Marmaduke strip, leading to a poor grade on that exam. I have never gotten above a D in a class where the textbook has comic strips.

Anyway, you buy the science textbook and are now broke. Flash-forward four months later. The semester is over and you want to sell the book back to them, as per the system those stores have established. But now they say, “You want to sell us this piece of crap? Here’s 78 cents. Go buy yourself a Snickers.” My current plan is to keep all of my textbooks and never sell them back to the stores, because then they won’t be able to make another $80 off of it. Also, this affords me the opportunity to write funny captions on all of the pictures.

Speaking of pictures, I recently got editing software for my camcorder which allows me to put pictures and movies on my computer. With that said:

This is a picture of me.

This is a picture of how I’d look if I were a bad Paint Shop Pro effect.

is a picture of how I’d look if I were teen pop sensations S club 7.

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