Is it some sort of rule that every teen sitcom must have at least one episode where one of the characters gets a job, usually at the mall, where they are required to dress up as some sort of embarrassing fast-food mascot? Although this plot device is over-used, I’ll admit that it can certainly lead to many hilarious situations. For example, suppose this person gets stuck in the costume on the night of the big autumn school dance and has to attend wearing the giant chicken outfit. After the ensuing comedy, the moral would be that it doesn’t matter how you look so much as what kind of person you are. Or, suppose this person works at Captain Blackbeard’s Fish ‘n’ Dip and has to dress up as a pirate. Then, when all his/her friends stop by the restaurant to get some food, the character has to put on an impromptu funny accent so that they can’t tell who it is, and so nobody knows that this character has a job as a ridiculous fast-food pirate.

Speaking of funnels, does anybody remember those big yellow funnels where if you put a coin it, you could delight in watching it roll around and around until it finally fell through to the bottom? I don’t know if they still have them, but I remember seeing them at a lot of weird museums. They were definitely worth the penny it cost to use them because you could have these crazy races, or make two pennies roll in opposing directions. If you’re really cheap and don’t want to waste the penny, the best part was that you could grab them before they fell into the hole in the center. Those things are easily the most entertainment a penny can by. My emotions on this are best summarized by this clipart picture.

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