Professors are stupid

Iíve figured out the problem with most of my classes: my professors are all complete idiots. Oh, Iím sure theyíre nice people and everything, but theyíre just so stupid. I swear to God not one of them can figure out how to operate the light switch panels. Every single time we watch a video in any of my classes, it takes them at least ten minutes to figure out how to turn on enough lights for us to take notes and stay awake, but not so much that the video becomes difficult to see. They fumble around forever before calling their semi-retarded TAís over, who always eventually settle on the worst possible combination, such as having the light nearest to the screen turned on and all of the other lights turned off, so that we canít see whatís going on or take notes. And the microphone system? Forget about it. If they actually manage to turn on their microphone on a given day, within minutes theyíll be an ear-churning squeaking sound, and then the professor will start looking around the room real quickly, as if to say, ďWhoís doing that? Whatís going on?Ē Well I donít know, maybe youíre speaking too close into the mike for the 48th consecutive time in a goddamned row. I wouldnít be mad with all of this, but these are supposed to be smart people. I donít understand whatís wrong with them. How is it that they are teaching at the college level when they canít operate a VCR or focus a projector? And how come they canít learn how to do these things after 30 years of teaching? Iím sorry, but I canít learn anthropology from somebody who canít operate any technology that was created after 1973.

Incidentally, MSU lost their Final Four basketball game to Arizona, which I think means that students who attend Arizona University are, on average, better at playing basketball than people who attend Michigan State. The good news is that if Duke ends up beating Arizona, Iíll receive no less than $10 in MadCash thanks to a Pepsi bottle cap promotion. Iím not sure what MadCash is, or what one can purchase with it, but Iím pretty sure that this would be the greatest thing I have ever won.

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