Ghosts & A Nightmare On Elm Street

Iím not sure what Iím doing wrong, but can you believe that Iíve never been haunted by a ghost? Just once I want to enter my dorm room and find the books on my shelf mysteriously rearranged, or catch tiny globes of light in the corner of my eyes. I donít know, either ghosts donít really exist, or all of my dead relatives are just too lazy too scare me. If I died and became I ghost, Iím pretty sure that Iíd be too lazy to scare anyone as well, so I guess I can relate, but still Ö Iíd at least like a ghost to try and scare me.

Though if you ask me, ghosts arenít even that scary. You never hear about them killing anyoneóall they do is rearrange furniture or turn of peopleís lights. ďOoh! My chair just moved back three feet. Now I have to scoot it back up to my desk. Thanks a lot, ghost, you asshole.Ē Theyíre not scary, theyíre just really annoying. When Iím sitting down and a real person pulls my chair back, Iím not scared, Iím pissed off. If the person who moved it back was invisible, I donít see how it would be any more frightening. The only difference is that you couldnít really kick a ghostís assóyouíd just kind of have to deal with it. Still, I donít see how thatís scary.

But Iíll tell you who was scary: Freddie Krueger from the A Nightmare On Elm Street movies. He died at the end of every single movie, but he kept coming back. He was like the Energizer Bunny from hell. The last 5 movies he was in were all called something like ďA Nightmare On Elm Street: The Final Nightmare,Ē or ďA Nightmare On Elm Street: The Conclusion,Ē or ďA Nightmare On Elm Street: Freddie Really Dies At the End of This OneóSeriously,Ē but he just kept coming back to life for the next film in the series. You couldnít kill that son of a bitch, you could only hope contain him. And even if you did that, he could still kill youóthrough your dreams. And thatís scary.

Here’s further evidence that Mark Trail is the world’s funniest comic strip. Every panel of Mark Trail includes some kind of violence towards small animals, which I guess in and of itself isn’t that funny. But when you have a rooster chasing a kitten, it’s impossible not to laugh.

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