My harmonica

Earlier today, I purchased a harmonica. It was really weird of me to do that, and, frankly, I’m a bit confused. I walked out of MediaPlay and was like, “Wait, did I just purchase a harmonica? What? I don’t want a harmonica.” And I know, reading the last few sentences, it almost seems like I’m kidding. Sadly, however, that’s not the case; I just paid $25 for a new harmonica for no reason whatsoever. And hell if I know how to play it.

Tomorrow the physics classes are going to Cedar Point. I have about a 7% chance of actually waking up before we leave at 7:15am, but, should I make it on time, it might be fun. Actually, probably not. If I do wake up that early, I’ll be tired as all get-out. Steve said we could sleep on the bus, but you can’t sleep on a bus. That’s like driving a bed.

Me, Chris D and Krazy Owen (and Todd, for a little while) have been filming our oftentimes hilarious adventures around town lately, including: Buying an ice cream cone from a ice cream truck while driving, digging through somebody’s cart at Home Depot while they watch in confusion, and making fun of the people at the McDonald’s drive-through. So if you want to watch the tape, give us lots of money.

Ah, as for the newest poll . . . I don’t know, I’ve been sensing some bad vibes between Kangas and Jonx lately. I think they’re going to brawl at any time, and so I’m trying to figure out who to put my money on. And don’t try voting twice in one day–I’m not allowing that this week.

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  1. I, too, have a collection of harmonica’s I’ve never intended to use. (I wonder if he’s going to talk about the progress of this.. in the next 8 years.)

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