Quality 16

To make a long story short, I learned never to put a squirrel in my pants without first making sure it doesn’t have rabies.

Anyway, the big hypothetical fight between Kangas and Jonx has really heated up. Many people are probably cheating and voting multiple times in one day, but that’s OK with me. Just remember that the voting ends this Sunday.

On an unrelated topic, me and Todd are planning on infiltrating Quality 16 from the inside in hopes of assuring that they show the quiz before each and every showing. Basically, we’re going to apply for jobs there, so come down and say hi during the summer. If you don’t know what I look like, just look for the person getting fired.

Now, several questions could arise regarding us getting a job at Quality 16. For example: “Why?” Or perhaps: “What the hell’s wrong with you?” In short, I feel that, by getting a job at Quality 16, I’ll have made a statement on the oppression of giraffes in modern-day China. And that, of course, is a goal worth striving towards.

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