Mother Bear’s pajamas

Hello, I am back. Yes, I did proclaim that this site would be updated every other day. No, it wasn’t. This is a dramatic first for personal websites. Until these past few months, no personal website has ever failed to update exactly when it said it would. I still regularly visit multiple Geocities homepages that haven’t updated since 1997 solely because they feature a cool “under construction” animation, as there is no way somebody could use one of those graphics without fulfilling their promises. One day all those animated construction cranes will complete their tasks, and we will finally hear the details on how that Hanson concert went, or whatever people were talking about in 1997.

There’s no discernable reason for my lack of updating. Some things simply defy explanation, such as how the mother of the Berenstain Bears wears a nightgown and matching cap regardless of what she is doing. Consider this rare photo:


Mother Bear looks pretty indignant at her family’s manners, but take a closer look: It’s dinner time and she’s still in her pajamas. In contrast, Brother Bear is merely scratching his sides while eating an egg. He even has a napkin on his lap. Also, what are they putting honey on, exactly? Steak?

My point is, yes, I will resume updating, but I can no longer accurately forecast an every-other-day schedule. Expect updates at prudent intervals–once every three days or so–with some kind of warning when I don’t plan on updating for a while. Thanks for your time.

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