Election recap reaction

For some reason, my election recap was recently linked on collegehumor.com, buried in a November 9th list labeled “Hot Links! Hot Links!” between–I swear I’m not making this up–a site hocking beer pong t-shirts and a link simply called “crazy girl on girl catfight.” Somehow, my link managed to be the least highbrow of the three. I’m not even sure why it was linked on College Humor, as I have graduated from college and haven’t been humorous since the seventh grade, when my math teacher made an error on the chalkboard and said, “Boy, I sure feel stupid,” to which I quipped, “You look it, sir,” which I have regretted to this day.

After the recap was posted on College Humor, it was then passed around like a joint at a Ja Rule album release party, accumulating over 20,000 unique hits in a two-day span. While this might not seem like much for fancier websites that offer “content” and “reasons for visiting,” it’s an unprecedented sum for eKarjala. Most surprising is that the recap in question is simply an uncouth stream of invective, the joke being that I use nothing more than derivates of the word “fuck” to express my view on the Presidential Election. As can be expected, response to the recap was pretty divisive. For example, political maven FlutyMagic@aol.com wrote:

You’re pretty trashy.  Thats about all I can say to you!  You’re trash!

If you’ve never been at the receiving end of one of FlutyMagic’s cunning affronts, let me just say that they can be pretty brutal. Notice how the only thing FlutyMagic deigns to tell me is that I’m nothing but trash—common, everyday garbage, to be picked up on Tuesday morning in some nondescript Hefty bag. His peremptory exclamation points carry a poignant, debilitating weight that leave me dizzy, while his merciless observation that I am both trash and trashy is a terrifying redundancy I wish I could erase from my woebegone memory. Not since LittlePrincessPony wrote me have I been picked apart so ruthlessly.

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