Film festival

Well, I’ve decided to get a new computer through RJ Networks. What I don’t get is this: How can you offer a better deal on a computer than Best Buy? It’s not called “Pretty Good Buy,” it’s not called “One of the Better Buys Currently Available.” It’s “Best Buy,” which should mean that nobody can legally offer a better deal. Man, I’ve get to sit down for a few minutes and figure this one out.

At any rate, I’ll be able to access this “inter-net” I’ve been hearing about. Perhaps then I will be able to visit my own website. Also, the new computer should allow me the ability to play the latest version of “Pong,” though I doubt the thing will be able to beat my faithful old Commodore 64 in terms of sheer performance. I mean, that bad boy had 64K of memory out of the box. Just try to beat that.

Speaking of the film festival we watched on Thursday, it was all very weird, and not in the traditional sense of the word. I mean, shots were upside down, there was incessant dancing, the Amish were playing poker. And I’m not even going to mention the random shots of students in underwear (perhaps their pants are in the lost and found?). But the biggest dissapoinment of the day was that not one film had a monkey. How many times do I have to say this? If you are going to bother making a film, GET A MONKEY. Put a baseball hat on it, dress it up like a ninja–whatever. Just get a monkey.

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