Cookie Crisp

Every few years I select a box of Cookie Crisp from the grocery store, having dismissed my previous dissatisfactions with this cereal. If nothing else, I reason, I’ll be getting an entire box of snacking cookies. However, these irregular discs of dehydrated high-fructose corn syrup taste so abstract from the idea of a cookie that they make me miserable for the entire day. And by the way, General Mills should be relieved that their cereal tastes nothing like actual cookies, because the stupidest thing you could do to a real cookie is mash it up into a bowl and pour milk upon it. Why does everything need to be made out of cookies all of a sudden? Cookies are supposed to be a special treat.

It could be argued that many cereals snare you in with this sort of false association. Golden Grahams taste nothing like actual graham crackers; Cinnamon Toast Crunch nothing like actual toast; Cap’N Crunch nothing like actual Crunch berries. However Cookie Crisps are especially conniving because while they sort of resemble Famous Amos cookies, they have an unpleasant mealy taste and are abrasive to your palette. They should change the name to Dookie Crisp, because if you fed this cereal to the Cookie Monster he would literally get diarrhea.

30 thoughts on “Cookie Crisp

  1. Thank you. Not once have I had a pleasing experience with that pathetic excuse for cereal, let alone cookies. Leaving alone it’s horrible taste, the consistency of them resembles plastic razorblades (Believe me they exist google said so). The only thing those jokes could pass for are frisbees for the keebler elves (elfs?), well on second thought even they probably scoff at the mention of cookie crisps. I call for a boycott until general mills understands the gravity of the cookie cereal situation. OH, and if you have on your dreams list “eat cookie crisps.” you have bigger problems than counseling can help you with.

  2. I bought Cookie Crisp last week for “Sugar Cereal Friday” at work. I figured it would be a pleasant throwback to our youth, along with others’ contributions of Fruity Pebbles, Golden Grahams, etc. Turns out my tastebuds have evolved since childhood, because I couldn’t agree more on Dookie Crisp. Can we just go all the way here and recommend it be called “Shit Crisp”? Oh yeah – and someone brought in Cinnabon cereal. Remember it? No? Maybe because if you’d grown up eating it you wouldnt have made it this far.

  3. My kids have begged for Cookie Crisps numerous times, and I have always denied them. Recently, I was in a doting mood, so I let them get some. After a very few “cookies”, both of them stopped eating. When I asked if I could throw the rest of the box away, they both readily agreed. They NEVER agree to let me throw ANYTHING away. That’s how nasty Dookie Crisp is. It’s a fraud!

  4. Haven’t had a good laugh like that in a while…dookie crisp…very true…or those crappy Oreo cereals. Sat on the toilet all day after eating a bowl of those nastys.

  5. I think I lost the last true remnant of my childhood when I tasted cookie crisp for the first time and realized it’s just a cold, cruel world out to screw you over. Screw you by promising miniature chocolate chip cookies cereal and then shoving suggary styrofoam down your throat.

    Damn you, cookie crisp.

  6. Is it just me, or does cookie crisp taste like capn’ crunch? I am serious, this tastes more like moth old cat throw up than cookies..

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  8. Not try to stick out like a sore thumb but I actually enjoy Cookie Crisp. Yea, they dont taste like real cookies at all but if they were, good luck not having the parents of America sue you into bankruptcy. Just my two cents.

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