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I’m pretty sure I accidentally used advanced SEO tactics in my Land Before Time article, because even years later it continues to generate comments from the world’s most ardently retarded Land Before Time fans. These people hate me very deeply. I used to sync my phone up with the comment RSS feed so that I was alerted whenever somebody left a comment, but I kept being woken up in the middle of the night from random people calling me a moron. If I wanted people to insult me while I tried to sleep I’d move back in with my parents.

I still do read, or at least politely skim, every comment left on this site. Most people are friendly, but there are scores of others who have the most heartbreakingly confused world view. I want to pat these people on their heads and tell them everything’s going to be OK, even though I know in my heart that their lives are going to be very challenging. You can read all the feedback on the Land Before Time article here, but I’ve taken the time to assemble the 10 most breathtaking comments:

#177 jere wrote:

where can i buy all of ( Land Before Time ) DVD at ?

The fuck should I know, Jere? Amazon? I’ll never be able comprehend this sort of comment. Does he think I made these movies? Or that I’m some sort of wholesale supplier? Where did Jere even get the money to purchase all the Land Before Time DVDs? I don’t think I could afford that. He’s got to be receiving some sort of government check. This guy literally doesn’t know how to participate in the system of commerce.

It’d be one thing if he was just computer illiterate and didn’t understand how to do a Google search or check eBay, but not only was he able to find my article, he figured out how to leave a comment on it. How am I even supposed to get back to him? Leave another comment? Has he been continuously refreshing the comments page for the past year, waiting for somebody to tell him where to buy a DVD? I should put an link in the article to start receiving referral income from an army of Jeres, but I’m too lazy to monetize my site in this fashion. I’m not even sure Jere would understand what to do once he arrived at Amazon. Jere, if you’re reading this, here’s how you buy all the Land Before Time DVDs: You send me money. They cost $1000. You send me $1000. You give me your money and I will have the dinosaur cartoons sent directly to your adult care facility.

#78 Why wrote:

Little foot isnt going to kill the little sharptooth named chomper. The movie ended the way it should have chomper where he belonged. It would Its a film for kids, pop out a few of your own and maybe youd understand, grow up and stop whining over kid movies. What next time r u gonna write about how ridiculous and bothersome a pineapple under the sea housing a frycook is?!

Hey, asshole, I haven’t seen the ending of that film yet. I didn’t know about the twist ending where the little sharptooth named Chomper goes back to the very place he belongs. I really thought Littlefoot was going to bash in Chomper’s skull with a crowbar. I still think he should have, and no amount of kids popping out of me will change that. That baby sharptooth might be cute, but he’s going to become very dangerous as an adult. You can say I’m being immature, but I saw the first film. The adult sharptooth tried to kill Littlefoot. He tried to kill him and eat him. I really don’t think you understand that. If Littlefoot ever sees that baby sharptooth again, he and his friend should take turns curb stomping him.

#59 Jeff wrote:

Well I bought the first 11 of them on VHS. I’ve seen 10 of them so far. Now Chapter 14 is coming. Anyway I watch a movie like that once and wait for the next otherwise it gets a bit redundant. Anyway I’d watch it not as a fan but more like a What The Heck sort of thing. I’m just collecting them to build the set up because if eventually I sell them off they’d be worth a lot of money together with all 14 or so movies collected together AND because I have the first 11 on VHS that makes it more valuable and rare as it’s a full set so if not to watch regularly it’s a hobby. Because with each released chapter the value goes up given they’ve been active for 20 years now. It makes sense to launch #14 on the big 2-0.

I genuinely believe that sometimes people begin commenting on my website, and then somehow forget they’re leaving a comment on a website and just start aimlessly indulging in some sort of internal monologue about whatever shit is going through their head. “Well I have 4 of the board games mentioned in your article. My uncle had a closet in the hallway where he kept them. Anyway sometimes he would give me Juicy Juice and we’d play Chutes and Ladders while I drank the Juicy Juice. Anyway my favorite Juicy Juice flavor is grape, but I also like raspberry.” Jeff sounds pretty sweet, but it’s August right now and I can’t stop imagining him wearing one of those winter jacket with mittens strung to the sleeves.

# 196 Becky wrote:

Don’t you have anything better to do than make a website dissing the best classical series in history? Childish. You can tell that you haven’t watched all the movies. So don’t make fun os something great. Get a life.

An argument might be made that The Land Before Time constitutes a “classical series,” but you’re putting a tremendous strain on the word “classical.” If somebody introduces themselves at a party as a classical scholar, they’re probably talking about ancient Greek literature and won’t know how to answer your probing questions about the Tinysaurus invasion. But even if The Land Before Time could be considered a classical series, to call it the best such series in history is a pretty substantial claim. Becky is implying that these films are better than Godfather 1 & 2, Krzysztof Kie?lowski’s The Three Colors Trilogy, Sergio Leone’s spaghetti westerns. If true—it’s a longshot, but if true—The Land Before Time series represents the most significant undiscovered cultural achievement in the history of the Western world. But it’s also possible that Becky is an imbecile.

#135 Andrew wrote:

seriously you wasted time writing all that? The only reason i am evening responding to this is the amount of fuck yous and mother fucks in that? Honestly if your mother was so hard up she couldnt fuckin by you anything but land before time movies thats her fault. Maybe if you saw the damn movie and how it affected a child and what the child got from it rather than taking drugs and trying to write something “logical” you would understand why the sequels made so much money. I have read by far many more write ups that actually did have me laughing. But your opinion and cander in your so called “professional” writing leaves me wondering how much better my 3 year old can evaluate a movie. You call yourself a writer

Thanks for writing in, Andrew. I never made the claim that my article on The Land Before Time series constitutes professional writing. The New Yorker continues to send me form rejection letters. Your allegation that I take drugs is very hurtful, and I don’t appreciate you bringing my mother into this, but your point is well taken. It is true that I probably relied a little too much on vulgarity in this particular article, and I’ll try to tone it down in subsequent pieces. Thanks again for the comment, and be sure to keep reading!

Oh, by the way! You’re a shithead and so is your kid.

# 187 Beatrice wrote:

YOU WANT TO RUINED MY CHILDHOOD…you do not but every movie there’s a value in it…if you have a brain??? (i don;t think so, huh?)so just YOU JUST FUCKING UGLY!!! bitter, maybe your childhood is not beautiful…

No Beatrice! I really thought Beatrice had eviscerated me with the wisecrack about missing a brain, but when she blindsided me with the ugly comment I burst into tears. I’m very sorry I tried to ruin your childhood, Beatrice. I hope you manage to enjoy the remainder of it.

#80 Cheryl wrote:

GESH!!! The Land before Time was created for TODDLERS “not” ADULTS now if you really wanted to show your vast wisdom and expertise you could have been keeping a running commentary on the American Investment Bankers that would have really kept you busy. One reason why the American economy is in a mess because people like you keep so many mired in superficial muck. ps. you could take a few lessons from the characters in the series.

I can receive my fair share of criticism, but I do have to take exception with Cheryl’s allegation that my article on The Land Before Time was indirectly responsible for the banking collapse. I’m not saying I disagree, I’m just saying it’s a little cruel to point it out. However, the rest of her advice is sensible. Beginning tomorrow the focus of eKarjala will shift and this site will become an ongoing investigation of American investment banking. It was very stupid of me not to make this change earlier.

#192 merla wrote:

i love the lan before time so is
the best movie i have ever saw.and all i
want is for you to keep makeing the
land before time and to start showing it
on tv.

It’s obviously possible that Merla is 8 years old, but by the time I was old enough to compose a complete paragraph I could definitely distinguish between people who made something and people who merely made mention of it. Like if I saw some other kids playing with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I wouldn’t have ran up to them and started shouting: “I love those turtles so much! You should make more shows about Donatello, he’s my favorite turtle!” Not only would I have recognized how inappropriate this would be, but Donatello wasn’t even close to being my favorite turtle. So I don’t think Merla’s age has anything to do with her confusion. It’s more likely—and far more disturbing—that Merla is in her 30s and works somewhere where her everyday decisions have a direct impact on our lives. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if she was a television network executive.

#42 Anonymous wrote:

This is the most retarded thing i’ve ever seen. all the sequesl were great, if you want to rant no one gives a shit so why are you even putting your 2 cents in dumb ass. If you don’t like the sequels, then go cry yourself to sleep because more than double the people who hate the sequels love the sequels. Fag.

I’m not about to get into an argument with somebody who obviously double-majored in mathematics and rhetorical debate, but I still refuse to cry myself to sleep just because I don’t like The Land Before Time series. Not only does the alcohol make crying myself to sleep virtually impossible, I don’t necessarily think it’s shameful for an adult to dislike children’s cartoons about dinosaurs. On the contrary, if I loved The Land Before Time sequels and had a little racecar bed with Land Before Time bed sheets, I would probably cry myself to sleep every night as I hugged and petted my Littlefoot plush doll. But I would never mention my infatuation to anybody. It would be my deepest, darkest secret, and if anybody asked me whether or not I liked The Land Before Time I’d laugh in their face. I’d probably even go so far as to make an article on my website making fun of The Land Before Time sequels, just to keep people from guessing the shameful truth.

#206 baby_dinosaurs wrote:

🙁 so this post made me quite upset. i actually love the land before time. i have the 8 on VHS and the rest on DVD. i later upgraded the 8 to DVDs because my video tapes were getting ruined (with the help of me watching them all the time. lol) little foot is my favorite. ive had the stuffed animal of him since i was 3 yrs old. and now love stereotype “long necks” over any other type of dinosaur. i agree that its a little unusual that a series would continue on for years. but when you have such a strong fan list backing you up, and Stephen Spielberg producing these films, you cant really go wrong. i hope they’d continue to make LBT movies. like i said, i own all 13 and sometimes have huge land before time parties (where i watch all 13. lol) not getting a new DVD every few years, will make me disappointed. because they’ve become such a big part of my life. by the way, im 18 now. and yes, i love the baby dinosaurs. 🙂

I may be getting old, but after reading this comment I now believe the age of consent should be at least 22. This poor girl is 18. Somebody could use a Land Before Time DVD to lure her into a white van and it’d be perfectly legal. If your girlfriend hosts Land Before Time parties, guess what—that’s statutory rape. I don’t care how old she is, it’s statutory rape and you’re going to jail.

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  1. Long time no see. I imagine most offended commenters continue to rewatch the entire series, rugged up with their blankie and pacifier.

    It was a good opportunity to read your “stupidest article ever” once more though.

  2. I was having a shitty night until I decided to laugh at some of your older articles. Seeing your update has made my day awesome! Glad to see you’re back!

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