Concert encores

The worst part about a concert is when the band leaves the stage for the first time and the audience is meant to stand around and cheer for an encore like a bunch of morons. But there will be no actual encore, friends—this is merely a ritualistic appeal to the musicians’ vanity. In reality these motherfuckers haven’t even finished their set.

Everyone is nevertheless delighted when, in a moment of spontaneity, the band reappears onstage to perform a meticulously-choreographed rendition of their most popular song. Why must we go through this whole song-and-dance? Come on, guys, I’ve got shit to do. Tell you what—if you’re done performing, go ahead and turn on the lights so I can actually get out of here. If you want to leave the stage so badly, I’m not going to stand around clapping for you to come back. Just get in your fucking van and go home.

8 thoughts on “Concert encores

  1. Hey,

    you happen to be absolutely right. That whole encore shit is really sad, sad thing to watch.

    You know these guys who bitch all the way to home/bar if the band did not play encore? “You guys, those motherfucks didn’t even play encore! Seems like the piss has really risen to their heads.” Yeah, right.

    I think that every band that plays an encore, should not get their paycheck for the night. They should pay to the audience for the shit they put people to go through.

  2. Hey, not sure if you were aware of this or not (seeing as it’s directing attention to your seemingly abandoned old site) but one of your articles has been getting dugg on digg.

  3. The only reason I’m poking around here is because I saw the Digg article was of an domain.

    I guess someone else had the same thought.


  4. The only time this is done right, is with the Cruxshaddows, who did the leaving thing, but went off stage through the crowd, shaking hands, before returning to the stage without the dancers who were resting back stage.

  5. Amen. I start yelling when the lights go on. I look like an idiot, but some day, enough people will see the truth and realize that that is the time to cheer for an encore. A true Encore. The only band that I have seen not do an Encore is System of a Down. Props.

  6. What about those shitty amateur bands who may be right on the verge of having enough real encore-craving fans/friends?

    It is such a sad sight to see them first have a ‘band meeting’ on stage, then awkardly leave the stage to convene again at the bottom of the stairs (no dressings rooms in the clubs they play) and then rushedly scamper back up after maybe 5 1/2 seconds of “tension.” It is so fun to watch the looks on their faces when they realize they are without their bassist who is at the bar and has obviously decided, correctly, that encores are lame.

  7. Then why do you even waste your time going to the event in the first place? Don’t complain about something you already know you are going to have to deal with when you buy the ticket.

    just my thought.

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