Catching up on Brandnewary

Sorry I missed the past three day’s updates, which ruined the Brandnewary concept and made me out to be some sort of liar. In actuality I was just busy moving into a new apartment, and to update eKarjala during such a time of turmoil would have been reckless and irresponsible. Meanwhile, I’ll still try to update each day for the rest of January. If I miss another update, just realize that I move into a new apartment about two or three times per month.

Now please let me take a moment to catch up eKarjala with a realistic simulation of those missed updates:

Hey guys, remember Popples? What was the deal with Popples? LOL! It’s like a Carebear and a Gummi Bear had children, and the children turned out to be these silly sorts of creatures! LOL! LOL! Turn into a ball, you stupid mutant!

What’s up with those horizontal dashes people sometimes draw through the midpoint of the number 7? Is the regular 7 not retarded enough for these people? You don’t need to distinguish a 7 from a 1, if that’s your game—just write a little neater. LOLOL! But seriously, keep your backward F fetish out of my sight.

The other day, I did (something normal) and was irritated due to (contrived observation). Who’s the retard who came up with (subject)? That would be like (farcical analogy). LOL!

3 thoughts on “Catching up on Brandnewary

  1. The 7 with the line thru it, while often used in Europe? Is used in the military. To differentiate between a 1 and a 7 in code and other writings. Yup. I realize this may not be necessary. But if you think doctor types have messy writing? Try infantry guys. Trust me on this.

  2. Oh my god!!!!! I so (relateable experience). Now I’m (stealing your writing and humor styles because that’s what unoriginal people like me do)!!!

    And ADeadHeart – stop taking yourself so seriously.

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