We call it a “bathroom,” but, really, how often do we use those rooms to take a bath? Like at school, I mean, where there isn’t even a bath to begin with. Yet we still call it a bathroom. “Restroom” is closer, but still a bit off; you don’t take a rest in them, unless you’re really weird. Then you have the “WC,” or “water closet,” which is actually the most accurate term to describe the room in question. Once again, however, it misses the mark–is it really a closet? In the end, we’re going to have to change the name, perhaps to the “pissroom.”

You know how every sitcom ever made has that one episode where a character, who apparently buys a lottery ticket every week using the exact same numbers, skips buying a ticket one week? And then, without fail, those same numbers happen to come up that week, and the character is left comically distraught? Well, personally, I’ve never understood that intention of these episodes. It’s like, what, does this mean that we should purchase lottery tickets as consistently as possible? Those episodes were always kind of lame to me.

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