Storm warnings

It’s a good thing a tree branch came down and shattered the back windshield of my car during the storm early Tuesday morning, because otherwise I might be able to conveniently travel from place to place instead of waiting for my car to get fixed. Thankfully, now I’ll have to take the AATA bus home from school for a few days, which is great because all the cool kids ride the bus.

But never mind my car–the real crime of the storm was in forcing MediaOne to air about 50 of those storm warning messages during a brand-new episode of Buffy. For some ungodly reason, MediaOne can’t just flash the warning across the screen for a few seconds like any normal cable company. No, they have to have some guy talk for ten minutes about how there may be a storm passing over the area. No really, dumbass? Is that why there’s lighting outside? Man, thanks for the tip. Without that kind of newsflash, I don’t know how I would have figured out there was a storm outside.

On an unrelated topic, I downloaded that ICQ thing after getting hooked up to the “inter-net.” My number, apparently, is 73582635. Whatever that means.

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