Sitcom characters

It is no longer funny when some sitcom character is trying to learn French or something, and they attempt to say something in said language, but the other person standing around is like, “Ha, ha! Billy, you just said you have a duck in your underpants!” There isn’t one show I’ve ever seen where this doesn’t happen at least seven times. Also, it is no longer cleverly ironic when a character in a horror movie is haunted by some type of ghost, and then later somebody says to them, “What’s wrong? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Wait! But they really did see a ghost! What a brilliant use of that phrase!

Another thing I’m sick of is people who complain too much. I mean, what the hell’s wrong with these people? Man, do they ever get on my nerves.

One thought on “Sitcom characters

  1. I really can’t agree more with this.
    Or when that dumb ‘Wahwahwaaaaaah’ track plays in the background as though to tell you ‘This is the funny part! Laugh at this!

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