Mailbag Monday #3

There may only be two or three people reading this, but I have elected to begin updating my website once again. It’s difficult for me to follow through with that, so please forgive me if I’m currently lying to your face. I have also created a twitter account, @Wickensworth. I will tweet as an accompaniment to the website, because it’s easier for quick, meaningless word blasts that don’t always make sense and that may not hold up to closer scrutiny.

Also, here’s a link to a website somebody created based on my review of my cat:

13 thoughts on “Mailbag Monday #3

  1. Yep, another fan of your site here. I check back every couple weeks for new stuff – here’s hoping you make good on your promise. Even just one awesome new article… Your pieces on the Land Before Time and the Dollar Store mystery bags are some of my favorite internet gems ever.

  2. I have this in a bookmark folder I obsessively click through every day or two, so I keep noticing whenever you come back and I’m quite happy to see when you do đŸ™‚

  3. Oh hell yeah. This site is actually still in my active bookmarks. I knew you’d be back, lie to me all you like. Treat me like a battered woman who just can’t let go.

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