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You know, I appreciate every one of the guestbook signings that I receive, but that doesn’t stop some of them from being a little weird. Take p2349324n for example. His/her/its comment is “” While I agree with this statement, I’m not sure what the hell it means. Then there’s somebody called LouieTheLargeMouthBass who would like to know where the paper cups are. I recommend checking any supermarket or convenience store–they should have the paper cups you’re looking for.

Anyway, I had my college orientation today and yesterday for Michigan State. Everyone there was all, “Oh, for every 1 hour of class, you should study 3 to 4 hours.” What kind of bloody nonsense is that? I’m going to study at least 13 hours for every hour of class.

Actually, I better make that 13 minutes. I just remembered that studying is retarded.

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