Everything bagels

Everything bagels are a complete joke. The Einstein Bros can go fuck each other if they think rolling a bagel around in birdseed constitutes “everything.” “Here you go, sir! Some poppy seeds, sesame seeds, and a few scabs of onion. There, that’s everything!” Um no that is not everything. That’s actually far closer to nothing than to everything. You’re three items away from nothing, but like a hundred items away from everything. You’ve successfully created a nothing bagel. Are there holes in your bagels, or holes in your fucking head? Where’s my everything bagel?

Imagine going to Subway and ordering a turkey club with everything, and the guy just throws a couple red onions and green peppers and a few squirts of honey mustard on top of your turkey. “There you are, that’s everything! Three items!” Nobody would stand for this. People would yell, “Is this a joke? What country am I in? I asked for everything, not everything you can grab in the next three seconds. Go stick your head in that warming oven, you little dipshit.”

It’s not that I’m holding bagel manufacturers to literally “everything,” as in every conceivable food item, like creamed corn and marshmallows and those weird Japanese wafer candies. An actual “everything” bagel would be fucking disgusting. But you’ve left off a ton of entirely conventional bagel items. Where’s my blueberries, my strawberries, my cinnamon, my raisins? Would it kill you to put some Asiago cheese on this bitch? No wonder you people are considered stingy.

4 thoughts on “Everything bagels

  1. There’s a clever set theory joke somewhere around here, but I can’t quite figure it out. Something something universal set paradox.

  2. An actual everything bagel probably wouldn’t even taste very good. For that matter, bagels kind of suck. They are merely vessels for the consumption of cream cheese. They are way too thick, making it too hard for an appropriate crusty exterior/gooey interior ratio. They usually taste way too gummy, and one side is always thicker than the other.

  3. I feel that posts where you talk about food or items that aren’t sold in my country are a waste of time, because your job is to make me laugh.

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