Election preparation

miss when I was more apathetic. Now I have opinions on things I don’t even care about. With one day to go before the election, this puts me the position of treating the Presidential race as though it were the biggest sporting event in the history of time. For months now I’ve been watching the CNN pre-game show, keeping tack of daily poll numbers as if they were Vegas betting lines, and reading newspaper article upon newspaper article in preparation for tomorrow. Everybody’s made up their mind by now, and nobody wants to hear me whining about politics anyway, so I won’t. But this website does endorse Senator Kerry for President of the United States, which should help Kerry secure the critical “fourteen people who accidentally ended up at some random guy’s website while searching Google for old Nickelodeon game shows” demographic.

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s a short article about baseball cards, just in time for missing the entire baseball season.

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