eKarjala is now eKarj for some reason

I concede that five years is an unsustainable update cadence if I’m going to attract any kind of audience.

Nevertheless, it feels like the right time to reanimate this blog, in this period of great solidarity and sweeping national optimism. It’s fatiguing paying hosting fees for an abandoned website, and I realized it was necessary to either delete eKarjala altogether or restore it to its usual ramshackle condition. Neither seemed ideal but here we are.

A better question than why I’m updating now is why I haven’t been these past five years, or with any regularity the past ten. Historically, this website has always begun to feel less like writing saucy little pleasure rants than fulfilling an obligation, and I am extremely gifted in spurning my obligations. Not professional obligations, current and future employers (nice try). I’m referring to the sort of foolish enterprises one derives joy from.

Meanwhile, after having successfully not updated for a few months, continuing to not update becomes a relatively effortless sort of inertia. After a year’s time, starting my day and then navigating to the end of it without capitulating becomes practically second nature, even despite the gnawing guilt incurred from failing to spend time and money mildly amusing internet strangers. In my defense—and just about everything I write is—probably like 99.5% percent of the people who’ve ever started a blog have subsequently abandoned it, and the other .5% are just waiting for the right amount of shit not to give.

Having demonstrated my disregard for this site’s readership, the next few months will surely be quiet as this site enjoys less traffic than a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and not even the Mad Max kind. But I am content to talk to myself and maybe a palsy handful of my most ardent readers, among those still living since my last update. I’ve never needed readers, and if anything they just get in the way with their mysterious clicking. So it’s possible that this site will remain a ghost town for the duration of its life, albeit one still mining coal or whatever this metaphor is.

It’s also possible that this site could be abruptly re-abandoned at any time, which is the same condition I give my cat. I do not wish for this to be the case, but I must be honest with myself and my failings as a blogger. To be honest, I’m not even certain people are writing or reading these sorts of non-specific little scampish blogs anymore, especially ones that aren’t fed through a social media conduit. It doesn’t matter. My intention is to post about one thing a week, assuming I can manage it in between my endless stream of social appointments. For now this will have to do.

6 thoughts on “eKarjala is now eKarj for some reason

  1. This is why I like RSS readers. I don’t have to manually check a website–they just resurrect themselves after an (Internet) eternity and say “hey, remember me?”

    Of course I can’t recall last Tuesday let alone five years ago, so this ride will be interesting. Carry on.

  2. Well I’ll be. You’re back. Hope you’ve been having fun in your life’s adventures.

    For what it’s worth, I can recall multiple belly laughs I’ve had while reading here over the years, so at least one internet stranger has derived more than “mild amusement” from your stuff.

    Glad to witness the rebirth of the site. Looking forward reading new stuff maybe.

  3. About once a year since like 2008 I’ll come back and check this site for updates. Always so weird when there’s stuff I haven’t seen. Anyways, Im a big ‘karj head and thanks for keeping the site alive

  4. Is this site all managed by one person?? I remember reading a land before time article on here more than a decade ago that had me in stitches.

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