eKarjala haters

According to recent statistics, about 80% of all people who read eKarjala think it’s the worst thing to ever happen. These people absolutely hate this site, and they have made it their life’s business to make sure that I know this fact. Here is a typical day in one of these peoples’ lives:

11:13 AM Wakes up and checks eKarjala, hitting refresh periodically incase I update while they’re visiting

12:45 PM Signs guestbook to write, “I can’t believe I just wasted my time to sign this guestbook. This site really sucks!”

1:05 PM Checks guestbook to see if anybody has responded to comment

3:49 PM Makes joke to self about how stupid my last update was

5:00 PM Poetry hour

6:07 PM Rereads entire eKarjala archives

8:10 PM Prepares and consumes microwave burrito

8:31 PM Calls burrito manufacturer to complain that burrito tasted like crap and was a waste of time to eat

8:47 PM Drives to Kroger’s to purchase two dozen additional burritos

10:58 PM
Signs guestbook to make fun of how other people wasted their time signing the guestbook

12:52 AM Lights candles in Wickensworth altar located adjacent to bed

3:12 AM Checks to see if eKarjala has been updated

3:32 AM Wishes their parents loved them

4:02 AM Falls asleep in a little ball in the corner of their room

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