Recently I was tricked into taking a monster ten-hour shift for today, so as of right now I’ve worked eight and a half hours straight–with another one and a half hours to go. Furthermore, I missed Comstock, which means I didn’t get to listen to bands with names like “Temporal Phunk” and “I Kan’t Spell” play a bunch of wacky music. To add insult to injury, I’m literally the only freakin’ person in the computer lab I work at right now, so there’s truly no purpose of me being here. Bah–I’ve got to get a real job.

Speaking of which, Quality 16 failed to call me after I sent in my application. I guess that’s all for the better though, as I hear that during the job interviews, future-employees have to take the quiz they show before movies–blindfolded. I suspect I’d probably choke under such pressure. So does anyone know a better place to work this summer?

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