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The phrase “it’s my Friday” is thrown around a lot of times it shouldn’t be—which is any day that isn’t actually Friday. For example, oftentimes when a person has Friday off from work, on Thursday he’ll announce, “Today’s my Friday! Yayyy!” No, sir, it’s your Thursday. It’s everybody’s Thursday. The days of the week don’t slide around to satisfy your personal schedule. We would all like to stroll into work on a Tuesday morning sipping a gin and tonic and shouting, “It’s my Saturday night, motherfuckers!” But those of us who’re grounded by a little thing called the calendar know to keep our bottles of gin discreetly tucked away in our desks

Comments (4) to “It’s my Friday”

  1. You’re my Friday, Eric.

  2. You’re every day to me.

  3. tip: soak a cucumber in gin. that way you can have a delicious gin snack at lunch!

  4. I like watching patterns form in your unique phrasing. You’re very clever.

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