Wisdom teeth

I’m going to go get my wisdom teeth pulled out next Monday. Thanks a lot, evolution, I really made use of those extra teeth. As I understand it, they’re going to knock me unconscious, violently rip out all four of wisdom teeth using the latest in ripping-teeth-out technology, steal my wallet, and then let me wake me up in a world of newfound pain and anguish. You’d think they’d be able to just use laser robots or something to get the teeth out, but this isn’t so. I may as well just use an ice cube and a pair of pliers and save myself the trip over there. You see, the world’s scientists are too busy trying to figure out how to stuff more cheese inside of Pizza Hut’s Crazy Crust to invent new ways to improve on any kind of dental procedures. They can fit cheese, breadsticks and even tiny little villages inside the crust now–I’m actually updating this site at the moment using Domino’s Internet-Equipped Compu-Crust. But for all of this crust technology, dental surgeons are still pulling out teeth the old fashioned way–by pulling them out. Now I know why they call them “wisdom” teeth–they’re really, really stupid.

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  1. I feel your pain… the week following when I had them ripped out was one of the worst weeks of my life from the constant throes

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