The good thing about being 19 years old is that now Iím legally old enough to enter Canada. Me and some other people who werenít me went to the Windsor Casino the other day, and I have to say that this was the most confusing place that Iíve ever been to. Maybe Iím retarded, but I didnít understand what the hell was going on the entire time we were there. For example, we dedicated about 20 minutes to walking around looking for a blackjack table, but the closest thing we could find was Spanish 21. What the hell is Spanish 21? My guess is that itís like blackjack, only with some kind of zesty Spanish twist. Gracias, but no gracias.

Eventually I just went to the roulette table, because I understand colors pretty well. Being the high-roller that I am, I put ten dollars on black, but then they were like, ďOh, you just lost ten dollars.Ē Casinos are fun! After they denied my request for a do-over, I decided to put another ten dollars down. Now, Iím no statistician, but I was one hundred percent sure that black would be the next color that the ball landed on, because thereís only two colors and red was just used. According to algebra, it was simply blackís turn. After I was proven right, I took my original ten dollars back and moved to another table. Here was a game that was kind of like roulette, only instead of colors, they had numbers, and instead of understanding it, I didnít understand it at all. However, I put five dollars down on the number 1, and then they spun the magical wheel of destiny and I pretended to know what I was routing for. After the wheel did itís thing, they handed me two five dollar chips, suggesting that I had won five extra Canadian dollars (or roughly 20 cents American). Thatís when I decided to get the hell out of there.

You know, a lot of people like to make fun of Canadians, but this is merely because of those peopleís own self-esteem issues. Another reason is that a lot of Canadians are kind of dumb. However, I feel that we could all learn a valuable lesson from our neighbors to the north about friendship, loyalty and, most of all, trust.

I donít even know what Iím talking about anymore.

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