Waiting tables

It being summer like it is, I decided to get what is known as a summer job. After a painstaking job selection process, I selected the job of becoming a waiter at a place called Comedy Showcase, because they were literally the only organization in all of Ann Arbor which would hire me.

Becoming a waiter is a bad move by me, because Iím bad at acting friendly, I donít listen well and Iím also a little clumsy. However, I do have a policy as a waiter which I think other waiters should aspire to, and that is to always hand people their checks face up. For some reason, most waiters assume that the amount you pay for your chicken Caesar salad must remain confidential, and they constantly hand back peopleís checks upside down. I think they feel that if they give you your check face up, the guy at the next table is going to be like, ďHaha! Your bill is $21.29! You little jerk!Ē But I really donít think anybody cares what your tab is because itís not sensitive information.

On another note, there’s now a new section to eKarjala from the people who brought you Archives: Letters. In today’s special edition, you will be treated to many delightful clipart images.

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