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In Wizard on Bicycle news, the Lego Wizard on my sidebar has learnt a very sneaky trick. Clicking on him will now take you to a random eKarjala post. (Keep in mind that 80% of all eKarjala posts are retarded). This brings the number of tricks my Lego Wizard can perform to a grand total of one (or two if you count the fact that he can grant wishes.)

On another topic, when you look at this photo I found of San Francisco, what does it remind you of?

Postcard Row

If you said “Full House,” you had a correct childhood. These houses are indeed featured in the introduction to that storied sitcom. In the foreground you can even see the park in which the Tanners had their little picnic, which they had the time to organize because none of them had any real jobs.

What might surprise you, and what recently inspired a 45 minute argument in my personal life, is that the Tanners were never purported to actually live in one of these houses. Consider this establishing shot of their actual house, shown at the very end of the credits:

Full House house

Note here the contradictory placement of the bay windows. Also note that their house is subsequently shown to have a flat roof facade, in contrast to the gabled roofs seen in the first photo. The fact is, those gabled roof residences constitute a San Francisco landmark known as ďPostcard Row,Ē which is a series of 7 houses built in the iconic Painted Lady style. The Tanners didnít live there and they didnít know anybody who lived there and they werenít welcome inside. The only connection the Tanners had with Postcard Row is they enjoyed having picnics nearby in an effort to trick you into thinking thatís where they lived. They should have called the show ďFull of Shit House.Ē

The idea that the Tanners lived in Postcard Row is the most widely-circulated myth in our culture today. Itís not our fault, either, because the prominent shot of Postcard Row in the opening credits is followed by the shot of their actual residence, implying that they were one and the same. Itís sloppy editing and Iím sick of being silent about it. The question of where the Tanners actually lived is open for debate, but it certainly wasnít Postcard Row. Probably the producers didnít show footage of the Tannersí actual neighborhood because they didnít have the technology to edit out all the crack dealers.

31 thoughts on “The Full House house

  1. whenever i saw pics of the houses I always felt like it was the full house street, but then i would get confused by the lack of the tanner house. you have solved this mystery and indeed improved my quality of life.

  2. Maybe their house is hidden, and you need to be shown it by the secret-keeper. Did you ever consider that the Tanners were wizards? I thought not.

    …Harry Potter reference? No?
    Well, I tried.

  3. That show is ludicrous. Three guys, three girls, and no one is fucking?

    It’s like “Three’s Company” squared. Well, minus three. Well then the guy:girl ratio doesn’t really work out. I don’t know where I’m going with this.

  4. this is the funniest/best thing i have ever read. i followed your link from the surprise bag disappointment. you are pure comedy. marry me.

  5. oh eric, you’re still funny. i haven’t talked to you in a long time, sorry i didn‚Äôt get to say good-bye when you left MI. you must be doing OK, i mean, not everyone gets marriage proposals and love confessions on a daily basis, so you must be ok ūüôā haha, hope you‚Äôre well, love.

  6. Good job getting that shot. I’m glad to here our argument and shoddy research that night paid off. If you could just find the location of the real house, I’d be truley impressed. Love from Sydney.

  7. the true location of the house is on 1709 Broderick St in San Fran, the postcard row shot in the opening credits was just to show how happy they were as a family while having a picnic in a classic San Fran locale

  8. You are all sort of right. The actual location is on Groove Street close to Alamo Park. I have a current picture and was there YESTERDAY. Just tell me where to post and and compare it. The red doors were changed, but compare the photos and see for yourself. There was also a fence put up too.

  9. Dan,

    Must you always convince people that you are right.

    If it is a completely different house with a fence, then how can you convince us it’s the exact same house?

    “…and they added on a porch and painted, and remodeled the entryway…”


    And also, YESTERDAY is now several months away, making your story even less credible.


  10. THANK YOU! This misinformation has been bothering me for years. THINK FOR YOURSELVES, PEOPLE! THE TRUTH IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU (as long as you’re standing in Alamo Square). ūüėÄ

  11. The address of the Tanner house was mentioned in “Blast From the Past” as being located at 1882 Girard Street in San Francisco, CA. The actual location of the house used for exterior shots in the series is 1709 Broderick Street.

  12. Someone asked if they thought the inside was the something from the show. If you watch the show and look at the living room wall that is the front of the house, it is obvious that it does not match. It has the bay window, but then the wall extends further and even has another window on that wall where the stairs go up. On the real house, the front is not wide enough to accommodate the stairs like they are in the show, plus there isn’t the extra window on the front like there is in the show.

  13. What always got me was the large windows in the back of the kitchen showing a small yard with landscaping between the houses but in the photos all the houses are separated by a narrow alleyway.

  14. dude what do u mean why r u trying to find where they ACTUALLY lived. OBVIOUSLY they were on a set. are u retarded? like u think ur mad smart doing this whole post but u just sound like a dumbass when u say “the question of where the Tanners actually lived is open for debate”. NO. theres no debate. theres no tanners. it was a TV show with actors filmed on a set. why does this anger u so much. obviously they are not filming a tv show inside a “a San Francisco landmark known as ‚ÄúPostcard Row,‚ÄĚ. u fucking imbecile

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