Summer camp

The most shameful thing about me is that sometimes I like to watch a show on the Disney Channel called Bug Juice. Itís the true story of a bunch of kids who go to summer camp and have to deal with such issues as having to wake up when they donít want to and having to go hiking when they donít want to. Ultimately, they learn the true meaning of what summer camp is all about, which is that summer camp is very special.

Watching Bug Juice always reminds me of how I never went to a real summer camp when I was a child. This always makes me very sad. I mean, suppose I somehow get transported back to medieval times: I will be completely lacking in the archery skills taught at summer camp. If somebody challenges me to an archery contest in the Middle Ages, Iím as good as fucked. Or what if I get stuck in a tree one day, and the only way down is by walking across a bunch of carefully laid out ropes? I have no rope course experiences whatsoever, which consequently also means that Iíve never learned that I can conquer any challenge that stands in my way. But the worst part about having never been to summer camp is that Iíve never discovered the true value of team spirit, which is the greatest lesson of all.

Anyway, Iíve got to go back to Michigan State next Saturday for about my second or third year of collegeóI donít know the exact year, but itís some shit like that. I know that Iíve already been to college once, so it canít be my freshman year, and I donít think Iím old enough to be a senior. Either way, Iím looking forward to school this year, as it will give me an opportunity to skip classes and avoid studying for tests. I miss not going to classes and not studying.

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  1. Ooh, I watched that show once. It was the episode where they all had a backrub-circle around a campfire and then spent a week arguing over who was rubbing whom and who wanted to rub whom and who wanted to be rubbed by whom. At the end of the show, one of the girls paired off with one of the boys, thereby dooming herself to become the pariah of the girls’ cabin for the remainder of the summer for the sake of true love and/or enjoyable backrubs. It was all very dramatic.

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