State shapes

After reviewing my most recent update, I have decided that eKarjala is gradually making less and less sense. With that said, fruit-basket letters inside a graham cracker machine.

Jigga-what? Anyway, I have decided that we could have done a better job, as a country, of making the states into more interesting shapes. You’ve got Michigan, of course, which is shaped like a mitten, but they didn’t even do that on purpose–the Great Lakes did that for them. Louisiana is the only exception, but even that shape, which is sort of like a boot, is pretty lame. Besides, didn’t Italy already steal that idea? So then, where’s the state shaped like a cat? What was stopping them from making Nebraska a perfect circle? How come West Virginia doesn’t resemble a man standing on his head? I am so freakin’ sick of these random jagged edges. We can look at the stars and see some hunter carrying fish while eating a taco, but we can’t cut the US into a few cool objects? Come on, people. What are we, Canada?

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