Science class

Whatever provoking anecdote I was going to offer today has been accidentally replaced in my memory by the fact that the density of Quartz is 2.65 g/cm^3. Science class is so sweet. You know, I think I’ve had the exact same lab where I was supposed to identify a bunch of different minerals using several scientific experiments about every year since the 6th grade, and I still don’t know how the hell to do it. This is going to catch up with me in a few years when some guy holds up a gun to my head, hands me a beaker of water for the water-displacement test, a penny, a nail and a file for the scratch test and a mystery mineral, and then asks me to tell him what it is. Thankfully, if this doesn’t happen, it won’t ever really matter that I can’t tell the difference between a piece of Olivine and a chunk of goddamned Pyrite.

I recently found out that an anagram for my name is “a racial jerk,” which I guess means that I’m probably really racist. I apologize for this, but you can’t argue with anagrams. What’s an anagram for your name?

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