School IDs

Even though I graduated a few years ago, I like to think that a part of me is still a student. I donít have school pride or a desire to continue learning or anything so outlandish. What I do have is much less superficial: itís my Michigan State University student ID card, which for more than six years has entitled me to endless discounts and exclusive student deals. It is true that the photo that appears on my ID is a disoriented, seventeen-year-old child version of myself who could pass for a son, and that the ID itself has been through the washer more than most of my clothing, but none have ever questioned the veracity of this decaying IDóand since these cards donít technically expire, Iím going to see exactly how far I can take it. My ultimate goal is to transition right from student discounts to senior-citizen discounts, or even try to see if anybody will give me a double discount for being a sixty-five year-old student. Probably the bus driver Iím trying to pull this off with would never have seen anything more pathetic in his entire life and heíll just let me ride for free. He might be right, but a free bus ride is a free bus ride, and Iíll need to get to the grocery store somehow to deposit my trashbag full of cans.

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  1. Speaking as someone who uses their ID for the same purposes, I get you here. I love to read your website and I like stalking you in my spare time even more. Do you consider marriage?


  2. Actually I prefer 80s New Age to 80s rock. But my favorite 80s song right now (embarrassingly) is Cyndi Lauper – The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough. It makes me appreciate how good the Goonies actually were in those days.

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