Scary owl

Making a website is troublesome, often unrewarding work. It’s also easy and fun. Is that contradictory? Perhaps, but at least it’s not contradictory.

At any rate, the new design of my website is being sponsored by that scary owl toward the top of this page. He is constantly staring at me with those unblinking eyes, forever holding a quiver in his left hand, forever questioning my every decision. Why can’t you just leave me alone, owl? For the love of God why can’t you leave me alone?

Incidentally, the owl would like everyone to sign my guestbook. “For if you do not,” he lamented, “I will have to sign the book myself. Bra-ha-ha-ha!” Damn you, owl, will your words never seize to haunt me?

By the way, it’s hot outside right now. The kind of hot that make me thirst for the gentle power of a glass of Cool-Aid, that makes me want to rest leisurely in a hammock, swaying ever so slightly with the season’s refreshing breeze. On an unrelated topic, my car smelt a lot like paint today.

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