Rotating sprinklers & interlude tracks

Michigan State has discovered a way to transform its studentsí rudimentary walks to class into a challenging diversion by placing a series of rotating sprinklers near some of the sidewalks. For example, where traveling to my math class would normally be a ho-hum five-minute practice in monotony, it is now an intense battle of skill and timing. If I misjudge one of the constantly-revolving sprinklers by even a few seconds, Iím certain to get soaking wet. Thanks a lot MSU, I really appreciate having to go through this fucking obstacle course every time I go to math class. If itís not too much trouble, could you also include some walls of flames for me to go through? And donít be afraid to let a few hungry tigers loose. The more challenging my trip to class, the better.

Changing pace a little bit, do we really need music CDís to have interlude tracks? Is there really an interlude demand that Iím not aware of? Iíve never heard of somebody saying, ďHey, check out my new CD. Track eleven is my favoriteóitís a thirty-second faux answering machine message! I love listening to that thing. Oh, and check out track eightóitís a fifteen-second inside joke that I donít get! Itís too bad they interrupt all these great interlude tracks with music.Ē The honest truth is that interlude tracks are whack.

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