Nobody is too good for a Guestbook

You know, I’m getting real sick of people who are all, “Oh, well I’m too good to put a Guestbook on my website.” It’s like, hey, take it easy and get the damned Guestbook, alright? Nobody is too good for a Guestbook.

Anyway, last night was pretty weird and fun. I don’t think my cats were down with it all, though. They were like, “Dude, we are so bustin’ your ass if anyone takes our cat food.” I was all, “Why would anyone eat your cat food?” Then they were all, “Hey, whatever. All we’re saying is that nobody better be takin’ our cat food.” My cats can be lame sometimes.

3 thoughts on “Nobody is too good for a Guestbook

  1. In addition to needing new updates, you should also retro-update old posts so that these confusing references to the now non-existent guestbook can be eliminated.

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