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Look about you: eKarjala has become a veritable blog. The timing is rightopen-source software scripts like WordPress allow one to take advantage of PHP functionality without actually learning PHP, and hosting has become relatively cheap. You will notice that Ive kept the lazy, minimalist look. Search is limited to blogified entries and is completely useless: what are you searching for, exactly? Still, pretty neat. RSS feeds are available if you understand what an RSS feed is. I decided not to include the option to organize my updates by categorization, because pretty much all of my updates are the very same category: whining like a girl.

Commenting on this entry is open, so please pop in to say hello.

15 thoughts on “New site


    I cannot believe you’re referenced on the New York Times. I’m telling you, the masses want Owen to sing aloud your hate mail. Let’s get the ball rolling towards the intarweb hall of fame!

  2. Thanks for commenting everybody, I promise I will make out with each of you. I see we even have a rare Adam Kangas sighting–incredible! Just look at the plumage. Anders and Jared, I am trying to get Owen to record that damned song but he is too busy growing mums.

  3. Wow you put the lego biking wizard up! ^_^!

    I’ve been digging this blog ever since I randomly found it on Yahoo and it was existing on Thanks for never abandoning it and entertaining me with countless awesome rambles and criticisms.

  4. Hey! I’ve been a fan of this site since 2000 or 2001 (my favorite entry is still the rock, paper, scissors one). Nice to see you updating semi-frequently again!

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