My travelogue ideas

One of my top dreams would be to travel across the United States and write a travelogue, which is a publishable written record of one’s travel observations. I would traipse around the US with a little bag like a modern day Felix the Cat and I would have very famous adventures. In a very special way, during the course of my journey I’d probably even discover my true spiritual identity. The problem is, if you’ve ever read a travelogue you’d notice most of them have some sort of distinguishing premise. You can’t just amble about willy-nilly—your travelogue needs a clever selling point or else nobody’s going to publish it. For many months I’ve been trying to think of an idea, but so far these are the best I’ve come up with:

  • Navigating America’s Highways Without Using MapQuest
  • 50 States, 50 Silly Hats
  • Visiting North America’s 5,629 Walgreens
  • Sled, White, & Blue: A Pilgrimage to the Finest Sledding Slopes in the United States
  • My Routine Flight to Hartord, Connecticut
  • Let’s Just See What Happens If I Travel Completely Naked

14 thoughts on “My travelogue ideas

  1. in all honesty, i don’t like any of your suggestions. i didn’t even think they were good as joke suggestions. quite frankly, this post kind of sucked. call me when you bring it with some material thats as good or better than the sweet Full House awareness post.

  2. visiting all the walgreens would actually be a pretty sweet travelogue. would they all be the same? or would they be slightly different?

  3. Silly hats! It’s fun, unique, lends itself to numerous photo opportunities, and is unlikely to get you arrested.

    There’s a movie (and website) about a guy who tried to get his picture taken with every state’s “Welcome to” sign, but that’s different (signs, hats). His idea involved fixed, exact destinations. You could be more creative with your hats – buy or borrow, etc.

    I remember websites run by people who visited IHOPs & Starbucks in every state; the Walgreens idea reminds me of that, which makes me like it a bit less. I’d want more of a hook, something goofy or weird.

  4. dude you are an absolute idiot. i had the misfortune to come across your website on a google search, and after seeing a some of your website i can officially say you might be the biggest idiot in the world. honestly, you have nothing better to do with your life than bitch about the most inconsequential information. i can’t believe i’m actually posting to such trash, i feel terrible myself even responding to such a terrible website and i am lowering my standards to write this, but i feel it is necessary to let you know how dumb this site is. congratulations, you think you’re great writing these “witty” posts, yet in all reality, you’re just really, really lame.

  5. “honestly, you have nothing better to do with your life than bitch about the most inconsequential information.”

    Honestly, you have nothing better to do with your life than bitch about the most inconsequential web articles.

  6. I vote for 50 states, 50 Silly Hats. I’d totally buy it. Or at least own a free copy given to me by you. I also vote for this “ekarjisanidiot” to put a pair of hats in it.

  7. This post rated a “0” on the Alvolio boner meter.

    Anything “naked” should work… unless you’re a dude, then go with the hooker idea.

  8. In retrospect, reading your blog during class is probably a bad idea.
    This post made me burst out in spontaneous laughter and gathered quite a few stares. It was all worth it.

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