My picasso dream

Because I have an early class, I’ve developed a pattern of waking up for the class and then returning to sleep as soon as I get back from it. For some reason, this period of unconsciousness, which lasts from about 10am until noon, produces a wide variety of odd and/or hilarious dreams. The dream I had this morning falls under the “odd” category, as it was a movie called “Picasso.” Bill Murray starred in a surprisingly serious turn as a man named Picasso, who, for whatever reason (the dream was admittedly rather vague in some parts), was working to stop a series of brutal murders committed by an unidentified man known only as the “Ground Stalker.” But Picasso’s psychological past raises an interesting question: Could he himself be this “Ground Stalker”–the very man he’s trying to stop? While I don’t want to give away the thrilling ending incase you happen to have the exact same dream, let me just say that “Picasso” is a shoe-in for this year’s Annual Dream Awards. A lot of people didn’t think Bill Murray could play a character who was such a diversion from his many comedic roles, but he did a marvelous job.

The only problem I have with this sleeping pattern of mine is that the class in between resting is always a blur to me later on. I try to look over my notes, but they make no sense whatsoever. Like, there’d be a diagram of the human ear, and then an arrow would point from that to the word “incongruent,” which would, of course, be underline twice for no apparent reason. That would then be followed by a timeline of the history of the printing press, which would inevitably have no possible correlation to the class.

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