Laguna Beach

It is time for my biannual ďoh dear, I have not updated in a while, Iím such a jackassĒ update.

The reason Iíve not updated is because Iíve somehow been working part time all of the time. Also, the other day I was intending to update, but then I accidentally watched MTV when Laguna Beach was on, and before I knew it three hours had passed and I was still watching Laguna Beach. I have no idea how this happened. For one thing, why would MTV air three straight hours of Laguna Beach? Clearly they are trying to trick people into getting sucked into this ridiculous reality series. They know perfectly well that until you figure out how the Jessica/Jason/Alex love triangle plays itself out, it is almost impossible to stop watching. Especially if you are a sixteen-year-old girl, which apparently I am.

Another fact about me is that Iím intending to move back up to East Lansing this year in a complex, multifaceted strategy to get an actual job. Iím dunzo living in Ann Arbor.

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