Kite park

Recently I chanced upon a gathering of true kite enthusiasts. I never really thought kites had much of a point, but that’s because I thought they were all just a bunch of lame triangles, or at best little rectangular boxes. But consider the following dreamland:

Kite Park

I was completely overstimulated at this park. I didn’t know which kite’s pleasant lulling motions I should examine first.

Octopus Kite

The octopus was a site to behold. It must have taken a team of geniuses to get this Leviathan into the air. To see this octopus sailing in the sky once more is merely my greatest hope in life.

Kite Park

That one kite near the center is a pair of disembodied female legs in stockings. Why not create such a whimsical kite? In case you couldn’t tell, I was completely lying yesterday when I said I hated hobby stores. Hobby stores make precisely these sorts of fantasies possible.

Lobster Kite

Many of these kites resembled parade balloons, but you have to understand that unlike balloons, these creatures rode the wind in a fashion that must be described as majestic. Needless to say, this lobster was a breathtaking specimen.

Skateboard Kiting

Now here’s a guy who’s figured out a new way to travel. He doesn’t give a damn for walking. What he does is he hops on a skateboard and lets his kite take him wherever it may. One day I hope to travel across the United State in precisely this fashion, except my dream is to find a kite modeled after Falkor from The Never Ending Story.

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  1. Wow! I’ve enjoied a couple of your blogs so far, the dogs, and the jiffy mix, but this has got to be my favorite. kite skating seems like a fabulous idea.

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